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Friday – The Best Day of the Week

The secrets, Benefits and Virtues of Friday – (Jumm’ah)
(Also Jumm’ah is a called a day of ‘Eid’)

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“O Muslims! Allah Ta’ala has made this day-(Friday) a day of ‘Eid’.
So have a bath on this day, whoever has perfume should apply it, and use the miswaak.”

The significance of Friday in the life of a believer.

Friday is a very important day for Muslims. It is more significant and more beneficial than any other day of the week. It is the day that Muslims gather together to pray in congregation. Directly before the prayer they listen to a lecture designed to empower them with valuable knowledge about God, and the religion of Islam. It is a blessed day that has been designated as such by God, Almighty; no other day of the week shares its virtues.

A believer’s entire life is one of worship; even celebrations are conducted as worship. While there is no special place or special time to worship God, there are moments, days, or times that God has made more superior; Friday is one of those times.

From the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him, we learn that “The best day in the sight of God is Friday, the day of congregation”. Congregational prayers (obligatory for men) are one of the most strongly emphasized duties in Islam. It is a time when Muslims come together to worship One God, and find strength and comfort by standing shoulder to shoulder and reaffirming their faith and devotion to Him.

“O you who believe! When the call to prayer is proclaimed on Friday hasten earnestly to the remembrance of God, and leave aside business. That is best for you if you but knew.” (Quran 62:9)

In many predominantly Muslim countries Friday is a weekly holiday, sometimes combined with either Thursday or Saturday. However there is no mandatory closing of businesses except during the time of the congregational prayer. In western countries many Muslims try to take their lunch break during the time for prayer, usually in the very early afternoon.

Prophet Muhammad told his followers that “The five daily prayers, and from one Friday prayer till the next, serves as an expiation for whatever sins have been committed between them, provided one does not commit any major sin.”

It is important that a Muslim not neglect Friday Prayer due to work, study, or other worldly matters. Believers should make attending this prayer a priority since ignoring it three times in a row, with no valid reason, will cause a believer to stray from the straight path.

While it is only men who are obliged to attend the Friday congregational prayer there are also many recommended acts that can be performed by men, women or children during this day. These acts include, taking a bath and wearing clean clothes, saying numerous supplications to God, sending blessings upon Prophet Muhammad, and reading Chapter 18 of the Quran, which is entitled ‘The Cave’.

Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him, said, “There is no day more virtuous than Friday. In it there is an hour in which no one will pray to God except that God will hear his prayer”.

“Friday consists of twelve hours, one of which is the hour where supplications are granted for believers. This hour is sought during the last hour after Asr (the third prayer in the day).”

“Whoever recites ‘The Cave’ on Friday, God will give him a light to the next Friday.”

“The best day on which the sun rises is Friday. It is the day Adam was created. It is the day when Adam entered the Heavenly Gardens, the day when he was expelled from it and also the day he died. Friday is the day on which the Day of Resurrection will take place.”

Friday is also the day on which one of the greatest verses in the Quran was revealed.

“This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen Islam as your religion.” (Quran 5:3)

A story from the life of the second Caliph Omar, illustrates the significance of Friday. A learned person from among the Jews said to Omar Ibn Al Khattab “In the Quran you people read a certain verse; if that verse had been revealed to us, we would have celebrated that day annually.” Omar asked, “Which verse is that?” The man replied, “This day, I have perfected your religion for you’. Omar then said, “Verily I remember the day and the place where this verse was revealed. It was already a double celebration for us. Firstly it was Friday-a day of Eid (celebration) for all Muslims and secondly, it was the day of Arafat – the most important day of the Hajj.” Omar further stated that this verse was revealed after Asr (afternoon prayer) while Prophet Muhammad was sitting on his camel.

Friday is a special day; the congregational prayer performed on this day holds special significance in the life of a Muslim. This is well noted and discussed by Islamic scholars both past and present. Thirteenth century Islamic scholar Ibn Taymiyyah said: “The most excellent day of the week is Friday according to the consensus of scholars”  and his student Ibnul -Qayyim mentions 32 special characteristics of Friday in his book Zad Al- Ma’ad. Prophet Muhammad said “Verily, this is the Eid day (day of celebration) that God has prescribed for the Muslims”. Believers would be wise to take advantage of the blessings God sends down to His slaves on Friday. This is a day of congregation, a day of celebration and a day of contemplation and supplication.


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“Then when the (Jumu`ah) Salat is ended, you may disperse through the land, and seek the Bounty of Allah (by working), and remember Allah much: that you may be successful.’‘ (62:10)

Friday is the best Day of the week. It is the Mothers of all days and the most virtuous in the sight of Allah.In the sight of Allah it has more greatness than Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid –ul-Adha (Reported in Ibn Majah)

Only that believer is graced with the blessings and benefits of Friday, who looks forward for it most anxiously and eagerly ; and wretched is the negligent one who is least interested in it and who does not even know in the morning which day has dawned ( Imam Ghazali says Ihya ul-Ulum)

– Thus We should make preparations for Jummah from Thursday night, (which is Friday night islamically because is Islam we start with Night and end with the day until the followng night-Maghrib) The person who will receive the most benefit on Friday will be that person who waits for it and makes preparations for it from Thursday.

The Main merits of holy day of Friday are the first six;

1. Allah created Adam alayhis salaam on Friday and he was granted entry into jannah on Friday.

2. Adam alayhis salaam was sent to earth on this day as his vicegerent.

3. Adam alayhis salaam died on a Friday.

4. There is a blessed hour on Friday during which a person is granted anything lawful and good by Allah that he prays for.

5. The blessed hour on Friday is such that Duas are answered and accepted,(from my research its an hour in ‘Asr to Maghrib)

6. The Day of Qiyamah-Resurrection will be on a Friday. It is on this day that the Trumpet will be blown on Friday; There is neither any angels nearest to Allah nor any heaven nor the earth nor the wind and a sea but all of them fear the Day of Jummah,that is why everything in the heavens and the earth including God’s most favourite angels and mountains, rivers etc. stand in awe of Friday.

Its called jumm’ah because sayyiduna Adam alayhis salaam was put togehter on this day, meaning its the day he was born-This Milad. So whoever performs the Jumm’ah salah is actually celebrating Eid Meelid un nabi of sayyiduna Adam alayhis salaam. And “O Muslims! Allah Ta’ala has made this day (Friday) a day of ‘Eid’. So have a bath on this day, whoever has perfume should apply it, and use the miswaak.” (Ibn Majah).

The point now to those who object to Eid Milad-un-nabi of the Sayyid of the Children of Adam, Sayyiduna Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, is simple either stop praying Jumm’ah which is Kufr or either be quiet with your Munafiq-hypocritical behaviour and please learn your Deen correctly or celebrate the Milad un-nabi of Sayyiduna Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is the day he was born and is the greatest of all days.

7. Friday is Sayyid-The Master of the week, the best of days, like Ramadhan is Sayyid of the Month and Surah Baqahra is the Sayyid of the Quran.

8. In certain aspects the rank of the night of jumu’ah is even higher than Laylatul Qadr.

10 .One of the reasons for this is that it was on this night that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam appeared in the womb of his mother.

600,000 souls are freed from the fire of Hell each Hour, throughout the day and night of every Friday, even though all of them have deserved condemnation to the fire.

The birds and insects meet with one another on Friday and say “peace be upon you , may it be a good day”.

11. Rasulullah’s sallallahu alayhi wa sallam appearance in this world was a cause of so much good and blessings both in this world and in the hereafter that they cannot be enumerated.

12. There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslim makes dua in it, his dua will definitely be accepted.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

13. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said: Of all the days, Friday is the most virtuous. It is on this day that the trumpet will be blown. Send abundant durood upon me on Fridays because they are presented to me on that day.”

14. The word “shaahid” refers to Friday. There is no day more virtuous than Friday. There is such an hour in this day that no Muslim will make dua in it except that his dua will be accepted. And he does not seek protection from anything except that Allah Ta’ala will grant him protection.” (Tirmidhi)

15. The word “shaahid” appears in Surah Burooj. Allah Ta’ala has taken an oath of that day. He says in the Quran: “By the sky in which there are constellations. By the promised day (of judgement). By the day that witnesses (Friday), and the day that is witnessed (day of Arafah).”

16. “Friday is the “mother” of all days and the most virtuous in the sight of Allah Ta’ala. In the sight of Allah Ta’ala it has more greatness than Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Ad’haa.” (Ibn Majah)

17. The Muslim who passes away on the night or during the day of Friday, Allah Ta’ala saves him from the punishment of the grave.” (Tirmidhi)

Surah al Mulk is the protector from the torment of the grave, so if you dont die on friday and wont know when we are going to die, its best to read every and memorise this surah also. There is a Surah which will plead for its reciter till it causes him to enter paradise (Tabarakallahi Biyadihil Mulk).

18.”The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday. On that day Adam was created, he was admitted to Jannah, and he was expelled therefrom.”[Muslim].

19. “If anyone performs Wudu’ properly, then comes to the Friday prayer, listens to the Khutbah (religious talk) attentively and keeps silent, his (minor) sins between that Friday and the following Friday will be forgiven, with the addition of three more days; but he who touches pebbles has caused an interruption.”

20. “Either some people (i.e., hypocrites) stop neglecting the Friday prayers, or Allah will seal their hearts and they will be among the heedless.”

21. Taking a bath (before coming to Friday prayers) is obligatory on every adult.

22. “It suffices to perform Wudu’ properly for the Friday prayer; but it is better to take a bath.”

23. Every afternoon, the heat of jahannam is increased. However, through the blessings of jumu’ah, this will not be done on Fridays. (Ihyaa ul-Uloom)

24. The following verse : “This day, I have completed your Deen for you.” A Jew was sitting near him. On hearing this verse being recited he remarked : “If this verse was revealed to us, we would have celebrated that day as a day of eid.” Ibne Abbas radiallahu anhu replied : “This verse was revealed on two eids, i.e. on the day of jumu’ah and the day of arafah.” In other words, what is the need for us to make that day into a day of eid when it was already a day of two eids?

25. “O Muslims! Allah Ta’ala has made this day(Friday) a day of ‘Eid’. So have a bath on this day, whoever has perfume should apply it, and use the miswaak.” (Ibn Majah)

26. “He who takes a bath on Friday, like the bath for ceremonial purity, and then goes (to the mosque), he is like one who offers a camel as a sacrifice to seek the Pleasure of Allah; and he who comes at the second hour is like one who offers a cow to win the Pleasure of Allah; and he who comes at the third hour is like one who offers a ram with horns (in sacrifice); and he who comes at the fourth hour is like one who offers a hen; and he who comes at the fifth hour is like one who offers an egg. And when the Imam ascends the pulpit, the angels (who write the names of those who come to the mosque before the coming of the Imam) close (their record) in order to listen to the Khutbah.”

The bath of Friday, pull out every sin of the man from its root.

One should understand jumm’ah is a day of Eid and so take a bath be neat and tidy, trim your hair or nails and apply perfume and deodorant and also wear a Turban. A tadition says “The Angels invoke blessings upon those who wear a turban on Friday”.


Now with all this in Mind, that is All the above expressed the virtues of Jummah (Friday) by also saying that Adam (alaihissalaam) was born on that day. Therefore, imagine the virtue of that day when Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was born! Who is the greatest of the all.

“One’s deeds are shown to Allah on Monday and Thursday, and they are shown to Prophets as well as fathers and mothers on Fridays, at which time they rejoice for the good deeds, and the latter increase the brightness and light of their faces. Therefore be wary of Allah and do not harm your dead.”

What Ibaadah to do on Friday

After Salaatul Jum’ah Recite:-
Soorah Al Ikhlaas (112)..7 times
Soorah Al Falaq (113) ….7 times
Soorah An Naas (114)… 7 times
Allah gives the person who recites the above 3 Surahs, protection from evil till the next Jum’ah.

The person who after completion of Salaat ul Jum’ah recites:
Subhaan Allaahil ‘Azeemi Wa Bihamdihee . . .100 times.
Glorified is Allaah the Greatest and Praised.
When he does this Allaah will forgive his 1,000 sins and 24,000 sins of his parents.

The one who performs 2 raka’at after Maghrib on Friday night (the night between Thursday and Friday ) and reads in every rakaat once Suratul-Al Fatiha and Suratul Zilzaal ( Iza zul zilatil Ardhu ) 15 times-
Allah will ease for him the Sakaraat of Death ( the moment of death ) and will save him from the punishment of the grave and make easy for him the crossing of the Siraat.

It is mentioned in a Hadith that the person who fasts on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of every sacred month, he will receive the reward of making ibaadah for 700 years.

The person who recites Surah Al-Kahf on Friday will have a bright light lit up for him till the next Friday. (Nasai) Also Whoever learns and preserves, in heart and practice, the first ten Ayahs of al-Kahf, he will be protected from al-Dajjal

Whoever reads Surah al-Kahf on the night of Jumu’ah, will have a light that will stretch between him and the Ancient House (the Ka’bah). Also the reward is as if they gave 10,000 Dinars gold coins in sadaqah.

‘Whoever reads Surah al-Kahf on the day of Jumu’ah, a light will shine for him from beneath his feet to the clouds of the sky, which will shine for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will be forgiven (his sins) between the two Fridays.’” The surah may be read during the night or the day of Jumu’ah. The night of Jumu’ah starts from sunset on Thursday, and the day of Jumu’ah ends at sunset. Therefore the time for reading this soorah extends from sunset on Thursday to sunset on Friday.

The person who recites Surah Ad-Dukhan on Friday night, will have 70,000 angels imploring Allah for his forgiveness with the result that he will have all his sins forgiven. (Tirmizi)

It is in accordance with the Sunnah to recite Surah Ha Mim Sajdah (41) and Súrah Ad-Dahr (76) in the Fajr Prayer on Friday.

It is in accordance with the Sunnah to recite Surah Al-Jum’ah (62) and Al-Munafiqun (62), or Surah Al-A’ala (87) and Al-Ghashiyah (88) in the Friday Prayer.

The best Dhikr one can do is Salawat ala Rasul or Durood Shareef as much as possible.

The Prophet SAW said that of all days, Friday is the most virtuous. Send abundant Durood on me on Fridays because they are presented to me on that day.

Whoever recites the following Salawat eighty times immediately after ‘Asr Salat on Friday, before standing up from his place – Allah will forgive eighty years of sins, and grant him the reward equivalent to eighty years of worship –

“Allahumma Solli ‘Alaa Muhammadinin Nabiyyil Ummiyyi Wa ‘ala Aalihi Wasallim Tasleema.” (Jami’ As-Sagheer)
“O Allah bless Muhammad, the unlettered Prophet, and his family and grant them best of peace.”

On Friday one should invoke Allah as often as possible for His blessings on the Holy Prophet, for the Holy Prophet has said : The best day for you is Friday because Adam was created on Friday and he died on Friday and Resurrection will take place on Friday. Therefore, you should invoke Alláh blessings for me frequently on this day, because your invocations in this regard are presented before me.

It is Allah’s right on every Muslim to bathe during every seven days, by washing his head and body

It is also recommended that one should clip his nails for Jummah..

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, insisted on wearing his best clothes on Friday therefore we should do likewise.

Friday Prayer is Obligatory Fard-e-‘ayn

The Friday prayer is obligatory on the person who after observing it can return home before the nightfall.

Jum’ah is obligatory for every Muslim, except the slave, the woman, the child and the sick.

“People used to come from their halting places and highlands for the Friday Prayer”. (Bukhari)

Hadrat Abu Hurairah says : The Holy Prophet said :
“Listen! Some of you take their flocks of goats a mile or two miles away in search of food, but when Friday comes, they do not bother to come here to offer the Prayer. (He repeated this sentence thrice, and then said) The heart of such a one will sealed”.

“Allah will seal the heart of the man, who does not pray three Friday prayers out of negligence”

“The name of the person who abandons the Friday Salaat without a genuine reason, will be recorded as a hypocrite in the Book (the Preserved Tablet), whose writings can neither be scraped out nor tampered with.

Command for Friday Prayer: Its Merits and Importance

Friday Prayer is obligatory and this is supported by the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the consensus of the Muslims. It occupies an important place among the distinctive features of Islam. A person who does not believe in the obligatory status of the Friday Prayer falls outside the pale of Islam, and the one who abandons it due to negligence and carelessness, without a genuine reason, becomes a sinner. The Qur’án says:

O Believers! When you hear the call to the Friday Prayer, hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave your trading; this is better for you only if you know it. (62 9)

Here remembrance means the Friday Sermon and the congregational service, and hastening implies that one should make necessary preparations for it and attend the mosque promptly.

This unusual stress throws light on the unique importance of the Friday Prayer.

The other prayers can be offered without the congregation and, if missed, can be offered later also. But not so the Friday Prayer. It is conditioned upon congregation and, if missed, cannot be offered later.

Therefore, as soon as the call for it is given, the Believers are commanded to leave their business and trading and hasten to the mosque for the remembrance of Allah.

The fact is that the remembrance of Allah for a little while and bowing and prostrating oneself before Him along with the congregation in full consciousness yield[s] eternal benefits for man far greater in value and worth than the temporary and meagre material gains that he craves for in the world.The Holy Prophet has said :

1. The Friday Congregational Prayer is obligatory for every Muslim, except the slave, the woman, the child and the sick. (Abu Da ud)

2. The Friday Prayer is obligatory on every person who believes in Allàh and the Last day; the one who ignores it on account of sport or fun, or trade and business, will be ignored by Allah, Who is Pure and Self-Sufficient. (Daraquini)

3. The name of the person who abandons the Friday Prayer without a genuine reason, will be recorded as a hypocrite in the Book (the Preserved Tablet), whose writings can neither be scraped out nor tampered with.(Mishkat)

4.I wish I should appoint someone as Imam in my place, and should go and set fire to the houses of the people who stay back at home and neglect the Friday Prayer. (Muslim)

5. Hadrat Ibn Umair and Hadrat Abu Hurairah have reported that they heard the Holy Prophet say on the pulpit : People are warned against neglecting the Friday Prayer, otherwise Allah will seal their hearts, and they will be condemned to negligence (for ever). (Muslim)

6.The one who hears the call to the Friday Praayer and does not turn up for it on one Friday, and then on the second Friday and the third Friday consecutively, has his heart sealed and is turned a hypocrite (Tabáranì) Alláma Sarakhsi says :

The Friday Prayer is obligatory according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah and theconsensus of the Muslims. (Al-Mabsut, Vol. II, p. 22)

Prayer’s obligatory status is established by the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and the consensus of the Ummah is that the person who denies this is outside the pale of Islam.” (Fath-al-Qadir, Vol. I, p. 407)

Ibn Abbas says :The person who misses several Friday Prayers consecutively, has abandoned Islam.

The Holy Prophet has described the merits of the Friday Prayer thus:The one who had [a] bath on Friday, cleaned himself fully, used oil and perfume, then went to the mosque early in the afternoon and took his place quietly without pushing or disturbing the people ; then offered the Sunnat prayer; then listened to the sermon peacefully, he will have all his sins committed since the previous Friday forgiven. (Bukharì)

There are three types of men who come to offer the Friday Prayer:
(1) He who comes and indulges in irrelevant talk : such a one does not gain anything beside this.
(2) He who busies himself in meditation and supplications to Allah, which Allah may or may not grant.
(3) He who takes his place quietly and peacefully: neither he disturbs the people nor hurts them in any way: this mans good behaviour becomes an expiation for his negligences till the next Friday and for three days more, for Allàh says :The one who does one good deed, gets the reward for ten good deeds. (6 :160)

The one who washes himself clean on Friday, then walks to mosque (instead of riding), then listens to the sermon peacefully, avoiding every frivolous act and utterance, gets the reward of one full year’s worship on every step of one year’s fasting and one year’s prayer. (Tirmizí)

some references

Excerpts from Al-Ghunya li-Talibi Tariq al-Haqq Vol.3 by
Master of all Sufis Al-Ghawth Al-‘Azim Shaykh ‘Abdul Qadir Jilani



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